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January 14, 2011
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"Velcome back child. Velcome to zhe city vhere you vere born. Now you know zhe truth."
"What…? What happened…?"
"Jack! Oh my god, I'm so glad you're alright!"
"Clara? What's going on? Mrs. Tenenbaum?"
"You sent the little sister."
"Yes. I did."
"I sent Clara to find you and Faith vhen you vere in Fort Frolic. She vas vonce a little sister as vell. Faith's best friend to be exact. You three vere almost inseperable."
"But…we…Faith and I were genetically engineered to grow older faster. How did you…?"
"Sometimes I would sneak into the treatment sessions.  I would act like I was Faith. The lab hands didn't know the difference, so they just gave it to me. And when they wouldn't give it to me, I would steal it myself."
"She vanted to be vith her friends."
"You and Faith were the only friends I ever had."
"But you vere sent up to zhe surface. You are Fontaine's slave. Created to save him."
"Fontaine! He killed--- I killed Faith…"
"It's not your fault, Jack. We…you were under his control. You couldn't help it."
"Vhile you vere asleep, I undo some of Fontaine's control. Most is reversed, but he can still pull some very unpleasant strings."
"We are here to help you stop Fontaine, Jack!"
"You have saved many of my little vones. Ve are indebted to you.
"Thank you Mrs. Tenenbaum, and thank you Clara."
"Let's go Jack! We have a sister to avenge!"
"Good Luck. Mein children."


"And so now you've got hooked up with Tenenbaum, huh, kid? She's a regular Mutha Goose. Alright, fun's fun,  kid, but now…go get stepped on by a big daddy, would you kindly?"
"Huh?! I says: 'Would you kindly go get stepped on by a big daddy?!'"
"Yeah. I heard you the first time."
"He's not gonna do it, Fontaine!"
"Ah. Seems like Mutha Goose has been playing around in your egg salad. If you won't dance to that tune, I got others: 'Code Yellow'."
"AAAAGH! UGH-!*cough cough gag* Uh…!"
"Oh no! JACK!"
"I just told your brain to tell your heart to stop beating. Not right off the bat, mind you. The heart's a stubborn muscle. But it ain't that stubborn."
"We need to hurry. We'll get you out of this I promise!"


"I remember when me and the Kraut put you in that sub. You were no more than two. You were my ace in the hole, but you were also the closest thing I ever had to a son. And that's why this hurts. Betrayal, kid. Life ain't strictly business."
"GO! GO NOW! Hit him with the needle!"
"Clara get on the other side! It's time to finish this!"


"HAHAHAH! Now you're gonna get it, kid!"
"Hey Fontaine! "
"Did you miss me?!"
OMG! Faith's back! But how?! Find out on the next chapter on Hidden Codes of a Rapture Survivor! YAY more cliffhangers!!

Hehe ok so this chapter is really bad. Not only is it short, it's really jumpy and hard to follow. I promise you that the next one will not be that way. :)

See how it began: [link]
Previous Chapter: [link]
Next Chapter: [link]
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MindtellerWYK Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When's that chapter coming up??

I Can't wait any longer!!!
elektri-cute14 Feb 1, 2011  Student General Artist
AGHH!! IM SORRY! I'll really try to get to it this week! Bt IDK if ill be able to!
MudkipsForever Jan 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Damn you and your semicliffhanger *wiggles finggers*
MindtellerWYK Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When's that chapter coming up??

I Can't wait any longer!!!
elektri-cute14 Jan 18, 2011  Student General Artist
I'm sorry! School is back so I don't have a lot of time anymore, but I'll try to get to it this weekend.
Sky-Watcher909 Jan 14, 2011
ewe ~gets happy fast~
elektri-cute14 Jan 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Hehehe next chapter is the final one so...WOO!

I smell a SEQUELL!!!!
Sky-Watcher909 Jan 14, 2011
OOOOOOO ~gets hyper~
MindtellerWYK Jan 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cue the MGS1 Game over theme now
elektri-cute14 Jan 14, 2011  Student General Artist
hehe not yet I have a plan for one more chapter and an epilogue so be prepared!
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